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Cogo - Bilance Quadrelli

Established in 1919, Quadrelli is a company that is becoming increasingly specialized in the design and manufacturing of plants with a high technological content, weighing platforms for a variety of uses and the design, development and manufacturing of electrical weighing equipment.

Cogo - Bilance Laveggio

Laveggio, a company with a long tradition in business since 1842, has become increasingly involved from the 1970s onwards in the design, industrialization and installation of weighbridges constructed in cast-in-place or pre-cast and pre-compressed concrete with a strong focus on constructive quality.

Cogo - Bilance BuroniOpessi

Buroniopessi is a longstanding company established back in 1773. For some time, it has been specializing in the design and production of weighbridges, weighing platforms and special non-standard systems that have been designed and manufactured to cater for the highest technical and qualitative requirements of the market in particularly delicate situations.

Cogo - Bilance Iemmegi

Set up in 1989 the company immediately emerged as a leading player in the market of end-line equipment proposing tailor-made and customised weighing and industrial automation solutions meeting the specific requirements of individual companies in all industrial sectors.

Cogo - Bilance Fulgor

Set up in 1949 the company focused its design and production in to platforms with capacity untill 2000 kg, in bench scales, in weighting mobile systems and in counting indicators with special care to quality/price rate and customer care.