COVID 19 emergency, updates.

Are not simple periods, we know it, and to us also following the government provisions to protect our and others’ health we have officially closed the office activities working in smart working for all those activities that can be carried out remotely. However, we would like to communicate that operations continue in compliance with the safety conditions of the operators that we have adopted completeness, on the entire maintenance and repair sector for the production sectors that are still operating and which we thank on behalf of the entire population. We are therefore ready to do our part to solve any problem of the companies that will need to maintain or overhaul their weighing systems in order to proceed with the fundamental productions for the whole community.
You can contact us through the official channels and at this email address:
We also want to inform you of the possibility of evaluating our “Smart Scale” system.
Never as in this moment where remote data verification proves indispensable for the control of any system, “Smart Scale” is proving to be an effective solution for the acquisition of weighing data via a dedicated cloud. Operating conditions, operation of the scale in relation to the surrounding environment, remote acquisition of the weighing data, and dozens of other controls applicable to the system, help operators and limit the risks of proximity between the weighing operators. You can find all the information in this video and we will be happy to answer any questions about it. For this, you can contact us by email at the following address or by telephone via the telephone numbers that you can find on our contact page.
In summary, although our nation is going through a period, to say the least dramatic, we also try to make ourselves useful in facilitating and facilitating the work of those in the front line to support the country’s economy and to guarantee the production, shipment, and marketing of goods essential.
We are there and together we will make it, we are convinced of it.

Fabio Martignoni
Sole administrator
Cogo Bilance

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