Finally after almost two months, many companies like us can finally reopen.
It is certainly good news and a signal of return to an almost normal life.
Almost, since for the protection of all, we are called to take all the measures that allow us and will allow us, to work safely to avoid the recurrence of dangerous outbreaks in any way. In this regard, Cogo Bilance offers a series of products which allow to avoid “close contacts” between who manages the weighing operations and his counterpart.

Let’s start by talking about WEIGHT REPEATER VISORS.
Of various sizes and models, they can be installed so that both inside an office and outside, the weight can be viewed remotely without problems thus maintaining the necessary distances between operators.

The MATRIX SOFTWARE then allows the weighing operations to be managed on one or more PC workstations, keeping the distances between those who process the weight data and those who, as a customer, supplier, or colleague, must take advantage of it. There is also the possibility of installing TOTEMs outside the offices which facilitate the setting of data and the collection of prints or tags after weighing.

The cameras for reading license plates and face plates with body temperature detection also allow remote operations to be managed by not allowing vehicles or people not authorized to enter factories or offices to enter or authorizing entry only in certain areas.

SMARTSCALE is then the flagship product and the most innovative. (see video)
Thanks to its management via the cloud, the data of each individual weighing is managed remotely and in every place. In addition to weighing, any type of indicators relating to the operation of the scale itself, operating conditions, and much more can be detected.
Among the many, we cite for example alarms such as displacement of the scale, impact, overloads, and also constant detection of operating temperatures and climatic conditions such as ambient humidity, and finally, the photograph of each weigh or other data at the request of the In this way, the scale is controlled by the user remotely and in absolute safety allowing the verification of what happens in the weighing stations in real-time.
The SMARTSCALE system makes the scale an innovative, safe,
and truly “tailor-made” product.
Our technicians, who have been provided with all the information and protective devices necessary to be able to intervene for maintenance, calibration, and periodic checks, are, together with our sales managers, at your disposal for any need or clarification.


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